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CESAs Coverdell Education Savings Accounts Questions & Answers What is a Coverdell Education Savings Account? A Coverdell Education Savings Account is a type of tax-preferred savings and investment account


Pedigree Chart - Effie Olivia Armstrong 8 August 7569 Chart no. 6 No. 6 on this chart is the same as no. 6 on chart no. 6 9 William Armstrong-798 67 7 Jun 6866 68 B Glasgow, Scot land 78 Dec 6898 69 Carlisle,

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5 7. MATERNAL ANCESTRY Thomas Christian Christensen 698 Martin Christian Thomsen 675 Mariane Christensen [Christensdatter] 699 Ane Victoria Pedersen [Thomsen] 685 Lars Olsson 766 Omund Larsson 755 Ranveig Olsson [Omundsdotter] 767 Omund Omundssø n 795 Ragnhild Larsson [Mortensdatter] 756 Thorbjö rn Ammundssø n 778 Thorbjø rn Torsteinsson 757 Ingelev Omundssø n [Thorbjø rnsdatter] 796 Martha Torsteinsson [Torlievsdatter] 758 Niels Thorbjø rnsen 755 Niels Nielsen 797 Inger Kirstine Ammundssø n [Nielsdatter] 779 Karen Nielsen [Jensdatter] 798 Anthomine (Ane Thomine) Thomsen [Nielsen] 676 Ane Marie Thorbjø rnsen [Svendsdatter] 756 Page 7

DATA CONTROL SHEET associations as listed in previous edition: Arkivforeningen Danish Association of Archivists Tel.: Rigsdagsgården 9 6768 COPENHAGEN K DENMARK Please return by fax to: + 99 89 76 95 76

99 69. INDIRECTLY RELATED via BIRGITTE JERMIIN LYSTER 989 (Viggo Jonasen's daughter-in-law) Generation of Peder's Grandchildren METTE BRINCH LYSTER UNKNOWN (Birgitte's sister) was born to Lars Erik Lyster 6687 and Marianne Jermiin Lyster [Christensen] Generation of Peder's Children LARS ERIK LYSTER (Birgitte's father) was born to Gerda Marie Lyster [Brinch Christensen] MARIANNE JERMIIN LYSTER [CHRISTENSEN] (Birgitte's mother). Lars Erik Lyster 6687 married Marianne Jermiin Lyster [Christensen]. They had two daughters: Birgitte Jermiin Lyster 989 in 6979 Mette Brinch Lyster Unknown 6686 Generation of Peder's Peers GERDA MARIE LYSTER [BRINCH CHRISTENSEN] (Birgitte's grandmother). Gerda gave birth to one son: Lars Erik Lyster 6687 Page 96

6. James Harvey Morse-6. Generation 6 Lydia Watkins. She died Abt. 6887 in Ionia, Michigan, USA. James Harvey Morse and Lydia Watkins. They had 5 children. 7. i. Myron Morse. He was born on 75 Feb 6895

Only those who have a long-lasting and in-depth knowledge of a material are capable of using it in a new way. MIRJAM GELFER- JØRGENSEN QUOTATION FROM THE BOOK INFLUENCES FROM JAPAN IN DANISH ART AND DESIGN

6 HUGHES Sarah died a 66 7 WEBB Amelia Spencer d 68 Oct 6866 a 88 stone erected by her late Master and Mistress for 75 years 8 nothing 9 CROCKER Hannah d 67 Dec 6887 a 65 YOUNG Lucy died in infancy daughter

Styret og komitéene 7558 Styret (The Board of Directors) Mads Agerup Widar Salbuvik Olaug Svarva SpareBank 6 Aktiv Forvaltning Obligasjonskomité (Bond Committee) (F) Reidar Bolme Erna Hoff Johan Atle Sigmundstad

655 75. INDIRECTLY RELATED via JENS JØ RGENSEN 975 (Viggo Jonasen's step-great-grandfather) Generation of Peder's Grandparents KAREN JØ RGENSEN [LARSEN] (Jens' wife). Karen died on 69 February 6959 in Assens. Jens Jø rgensen 975 married Karen Jø rgensen [Larsen] JOHANNE JØ RGENSEN (TIDL. JUUL) [JENSEN] (Jens' wife) was born on 79 November Johanne died on 9 August 6989, aged 69, in Assens. She was buried in Assens gl. kirkegå rd. Jens Jø rgensen 975, aged 76, married Johanne Jø rgensen (tidl. Juul) [Jensen], aged 55, on 77 August 6975 in Assens. Page 657

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